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Politics & Policy

NTSB’s findings on bridge collapse have political consequences

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released its preliminary findings today (PDF) on the likely cause of the I-35W bridge collapse, and the report has some immediate political consequences.

Hillary’s way is not the feminist way

Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be Hillary.
Don’t let ’em say she is feminism’s way.
Make ’em be doctors and lawyers and such.

— With apologies to Willie and Waylon

“Such” definitely includes running for president, but not Hilla

Weather looks like it will cooperate for this year’s Winter Carnival

It’ll be cold enough and we have plenty of snow this year, so the St. Paul Winter Carnival should skate into town next week in seasonable fashion.
Last year, it started off way too warm; 40-degree temperatures melted the snow sculptures.

Mission Sadr City: Flying in on Blackhawks

By John Camp | Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2008 The two Blackhawks dropped out of the hazy sky over Baghdad and headed for a tight landing in an obscure courtyard in Sadr City, a place Blackhawks don’t often go.

‘Hi, I’m a PC’: Pointed ad campaign has Mac fans laughing

You’d think it would take a lot to ruffle Bill Gates’ feathers. He’s worth about $56 billion, and his PCs claim more than 90 percent of the market. He’s widely considered a visionary of our times.