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Nature on stage: In the starring role…a herpetologist

Which of these performers wouldn’t come to mind for any grand theater stage you can think of: a lion king, a fiddler on a roof or a biologist?
Obviously, you’re expected to choose the biologist.
Thomas Hoch doesn’t see it that way, though.

Women’s hockey team faces new threat to its future

By Pat Borzi | Friday, Jan. 25, 2008
The Minnesota Whitecaps, a 4-year-old squad loaded with Olympic veterans and potential medalists, has always faced financial challenges staying afloat.

Voters look to South Carolina for answers

Saturday’s Democratic primary in South Carolina is the first Southern contest for the Democrats on the road to the White House. The results may provide answers to some intriguing questions: Will Bill Clinton and Barack Obama stop feuding?

Obama’s war speech: How much political courage did it take?

I’ve written before, admiringly, about the October 2002 speech Barack Obama gave opposing the war in Iraq, the same month that Congress voted to authorize the war.
On one such recent occasion, a comment in the thread by Centauri argued that Obama’s

RNC protestors gear up for … well, what exactly?

A Wednesday afternoon press conference touting big statements from various anti-Republican convention factions started out as some sort of Rush Limbaugh dream.