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Did the CIA commit a crime? Outsider to lead investigation

The central issue for newly appointed prosecutor John H. Durham is determining whether the Central Intelligence Agency committed a crime in destroying videotapes of interrogations of two high-profile terror suspects. Though some lament that U.S.

Pakistan conspiracy theories rival JFK assassination rumors

Who’s to blame for Bhutto’s murder? With an election delay imminent, theories implicating the Musharraf government multiply as her supporters claim evidence of a plot to rig the national vote.

Iowa caucuses 101: What you need to know

By Eric Black | Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2008
When the results of the Iowa caucuses come in Thursday night, activists, pundits and political scientists will offer up their theories about what happened.

These puppets are not for your moppets

“Avenue Q,” the off-Broadway hit that turned into a Broadway sensation and surprise Tony Award winner for best musical, moved into the State Theatre on New Year’s Day for a two-week run.

Expert longs for the time when tattoos really meant something

Daniel T. Lowell is grieving the era when tattoos went to the gutsy, not the trendy.
Minnesotans used to put a lot of earnest thought into their body art, says Lowell, who works at The Ink Lab in Minneapolis.

Here’s hoping… Apple releases a new, improved iPhone

Steve Jobs must be hitting the eggnog hard. First Time magazine named his iPhone the invention of the year. Then Google announced its most-searched word of 2007 is “iphone.” Now we are pouncing on every whispered rumor of what’s to come in 2008.

Here’s hoping… politicians learn to play the game

As the first year of the new Democratic Congress sputtered to a close, it was fairly obvious that things have not gone how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi planned.