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How I got my brain scanned

A scientist at the University of Minnesota claimed recently that a brain scan machine he uses for research is so safe that one day people will be able to use it at the state fair, the mall or the science museum to find out just what’s going on in

Word by word, typo by typo, page by page

By Dave Wood | Monday, Nov. 12, 2007 Jon Hassler, who is busy working on his 15th novel, declines to let a Parkinson’s-like illness redefine his life.

Public disdain of Congress: less than meets the eye

By David Brauer
Monday, Nov. 12, 2007
Poll after poll shows Americans hold Congress in low regard. But a new and overlooked poll indicates that disapproval and happiness can go together.

To roof, or not to roof — a Shakespearean stadium question

To roof, or not to roof?
That is one of the fundamental questions facing the Vikings, policy makers and the pigskin-loving/tax-paying public as the discussion swirls around a new pro football stadium.

Rybak-Pawlenty political truce

Tick, tick, tick…By G.R. Anderson Jr. | Friday, Nov. 9, 2007 In the hours and weeks after the bridge collapse, longtime political adversaries Tim Pawlenty and R.T.

Stadium commission spins Vikings plan around the state

Rochester, Minn. Minnesota’s stadium debate was revved up by the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission and glitzed up Wednesday by the agency’s gaggle of consultants.

The commission, which owns and operates the Metrodome, s

Some transportation advice — from Utah?

Some transportation advice — from Utah? The fallen I-35W bridge may serve best as a metaphor in motion. Its splashdown resembles perfectly the descending condition of our metropolitan transportation policy.

Right now, the D in DFL stands for debt

The party needs a $5,000 contribution just to meet this week’s payroll. Competition among political campaigns, internal party disillusionment and extra staffing are complicating budgeting.