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The launch of the NonProfit Resource Collaborative


There is quite a buzz around town surrounding the July 16th launch of the NonProfit Resource Collaborative (NPRC).  We took a few moments to sit down with Kelly Rietow, Founder of the NPRC, to learn more about the organization and how it plans to serve the nonprofit community. 



PollenWhat exactly is the NPRC?

NPRC:  NPRC is a group of 9 professionals with diverse professional expertise serving nonprofits.  We share a common belief in collaboration and helping our clients to be self-sufficient.  We help nonprofits manage the business aspects of the nonprofit, so they can focus on the mission. 


Pollen:  How did you come up with this idea?

NPRC:  I founded my own company, Roo Solutions, 4 years ago. My focus and passion has been serving the nonprofit community, where the ED is often responsible for accounting, human resources, board relations and everything in between. My clients often ask me, “Who do you know that can help me with social media?” or “Do you know an attorney that can review this contract?” Most of the time, I know someone that can do “X”.  I am also learning that my clients’ needs change over time. They might need HR one day, contract review the next, and support implementing their strategic plan next year. The goal of the NPRC is to connect nonprofits with the right resource at the right time.



Pollen:  In what ways can you help the nonprofit community?

NPRC:  With 150 years of combined expertise, the NPRC partners provide services in legal, financial, human resources, marketing, fundraising, talent development, strategic planning, process improvement and social media, we can help: 

  • Start a nonprofit and maintain compliance
  • Translate strategies into action
  • Build talent to grow the organization, leadership, and staff
  • Create clear and effective processes, brand and communication
  • Transform organizations to deliver and further their missions




Pollen:   Who is involved in NPRC?

NPRC: The founding NPRC partners include:

  • Kelly Rietow, MBA, PHR and Organizational Effectiveness
  • Rick Rietow, MBA, PMP, Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt
  • Debra Englund, MAIR, CCP and Organizational Effectiveness
  • Donna Richardson, BA, SPHR, Human Resources
  • Jackie Menne, Marketing Strategy and Creative Design
  • Angie Glotzbach, Certified Social Media
  • Dania Toscano Miwa, Fundraising and Strategy
  • Jennifer L. Urban, Esq., Nonprofit Attorney
  • Robin Westacott, CPA, Specialty Finance and Accounting

We also have a strong referral network.  If we do not have the expertise, we probably know someone who does.


Pollen:  How are you different from other groups serving the nonprofit community?

NPRC:  There is some overlap in services, as well as a couple of key differentiators:


  • Commitment to self-sufficiency:  We are there to help to the extent the client needs us.  Think of NPRC as the architects.  We help design and implement effective systems so the nonprofit can be self-sustaining in the future.  
  • Delivery model:  We provide the specialized knowledge you need “once in a while”.  In addition to working on specific projects, clients can work with us on a retained basis at a level that makes sense for them.  They have access to all the partners for a quick phone call, or for more extensive services.  Clients benefit from a planned, budgeted expense at a level they choose, and avoid surprise expenditures when something comes up unexpectedly.
  • Depth and breadth of expertise:  We bring together people with really diverse backgrounds, with current knowledge of the nonprofit sector as well as business expertise.
  • Strategy and implementation Support:  Strategy is easy. Implementation is hard. The nonprofit can choose the partner of their choice to facilitate their annual planning process, and select 1 or 2 additional partners to participate based on functional expertise needed. After the plan is developed, the lead partner meets with the leadership team quarterly to ensure progress is being made and to help address obstacles. We help keep strategy top of mind and actionable.



Pollen:  How can people connect with a specific partner, or learn more about the NPRC?

NPRC:  Our website is live and has direct contact information for each partner.   www.nprcmn.org 

Our launch party is also scheduled for tomorrow night at the Engine Room from 5 – 7 pm.  Over 60 people are registered, so it is a great opportunity to network with other nonprofit professionals and learn a bit more about NPRC.  To register:  www.nprcmn.eventbrite.com



About Kelly Rietow

Kelly specializes in aligning people, process and strategy.  She creates practical systems and tools that fit the culture, engage the workforce and develop organizational capabilities.  With 20+ years broad-based expertise in Human Resources, Organizational Development, Facilitation and Leadership, Kelly has worked with both global, public organizations and small, privately held organizations and has a particular passion for optimizing the performance of non-profits and organizations experiencing growing pains. 

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  1. Submitted by jody rooney on 07/16/2013 - 11:16 pm.

    Oh look another business pretending to be a non profit

    These are the folks who give non profits a bad name. They are paid consultants who pretend not to be. Just like Wilder Research gets paid for doing research but doesn’t have to pay taxes on the income because they are a non profit.

    Unfortunately many of them get away with it because their work isn’t subject to peer review. The business of this group is to make money for themselves and to do that they will tell you what you want to hear just like any consultant.

    Give me a consultant who can deliver the hard facts without a care for the next contract and I will show you someone who can provide you with some real actionable insights.

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