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Weekly Leaderboard

This week's MinnPost Quiz: lawsuits, learnin' and the Lynx

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1Mary Hicks1002:08
2Jeffrey McIntyre921:13
3Donna Bahls921:21
4Beth-Ann Bloom921:23
5Steve Trunk921:25
6Nancy Feldman921:27
7Bernadette Janisch921:29
8Mary Dobbins921:29
9Cameron Parkhurst921:33
10William Davidson921:41
11Jan Arnold921:44
12Greg Gaut922:03
13Daniel Johnson922:19
14Brian Scholin922:21
15Glen Lacher922:59
16Joyce Prudden923:23
17Dan Stroeing921:40
18Sam Bauman831:16
19Gerry Tucker831:20
20Ann Curoe831:25
21Jim Smola831:56
22Riley Owens831:58
23Sheila Ehrich832:00
24Curtis Loschy832:04
25Curt Carlson833:05