Update on swine flu in swine — and now kitty, too

Remember the pig that tested positive for the H1N1 virus at the Minnesota State Fair? It’s not alone anymore.

Since confirming that case Oct. 19, U.S. Agriculture officials have said at least four more pigs in Minnesota and South Dakota definitely have the virus.

No surprise there. It was expected that humans, swine and birds could likely share the virus. What’s intriguing is that other animals also are coming down with the flu.

Iowa officials confirmed on Wednesday that a cat tested positive for the H1N1 bug, Veterinary Practice News reported online.  Two of the three family members who shared a house with the 13-year-old cat had been sick with flu-like symptoms. All of them recovered, including kitty.

That’s not all. A pet ferret in Oregon has tested positive. And preliminary tests suggest that four other ferrets in Nebraska may have the virus too. At least one of the Nebraska ferrets died.

So now you have to worry about your pets as well as your kids and yourself.

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