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Scientific Agenda

Scientific Agenda reports on important and interesting developments from the world of science in Minnesota and elsewhere. Coverage includes reports from MinnPost journalist Sharon Schmickle, Inside Science News Service, and other sources.

Nobel Prize in chemistry awarded for palladium work

Three scientists have been awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry for developing tools that allow chemists to readily build complex carbon molecules from simpler ones — a key to fielding new classes of pharmaceuticals, materials, and new types of ultr

Imitation black hole seen on Earth

WASHINGTON — Astrophysics deals mostly with things that are so distant — thousands or billions of light years away — that we can’t ever hope to see them up close.

New book attempts to explain string theory

WASHINGTON — Reality comes in layers.
Everything we see in the world around us, scientists tell us, is made of atoms and combinations of atoms called molecules. Atoms are themselves made of tiny particles — electrons, protons, and neutrons.

More upcoming local science-related events

Here’s another rundown of upcoming local science-related events.
Grandfather of green
Germany’s “grandfather of green building” is coming to town to talk about eco-cities and designs that make a community healthy for the long haul