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Scientific Agenda

Tut exhibit coming to Science Museum

Treasures and the science surrounding Tut, boy king of ancient Egypt, are coming to St. Paul in an exhibit the Science Museum of Minnesota plans to open next February.

Why football teams from dry climates might have advantage

WASHINGTON — College football betting markets show a statistically significant bias against home teams from arid regions who host teams from wetter environments, researchers from Kansas State University found.

Stopping the loss of biodiversity

STRASBURG, Pa. — Next month, representatives from more than 190 nations will gather in Japan at the Nagoya Biodiversity Summit to develop a global strategy for staunching habitat and biodiversity loss around the world.

Upcoming local science-related events

Summer’s end marks the start of a new season of local science-related events, including several scheduled for the next couple of weeks.

Gulf oil spill to blame for oily blobs in vital Gulf sea life?

NEW ORLEANS — To find out how the food chain has been affected by the Gulf oil spill, marine scientists are closely monitoring this year’s spawn of blue crab — a key kind of plankton — in the Gulf of Mexico.

How can NASA help Chile miners trapped a half-mile underground?

WASHINGTON — They say every boy dreams at some point of being an astronaut, but it is doubtful the 33 Chile miners trapped about a half-mile underground ever compared their gritty occupation to exploring the heavens.