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Scientific Agenda

Scientific Agenda reports on important and interesting developments from the world of science in Minnesota and elsewhere. Coverage includes reports from MinnPost journalist Sharon Schmickle, Inside Science News Service, and other sources.

Congress considers cow power, other technologies

WASHINGTON — Legislators attending this year’s Congressional Energy and Energy Efficiency Expo and Forum in Washington, D.C., were quick to point out the problems with fossil fuel — from cave-ins at coal mines to the oil spill in the Gulf.

Edible synthetic blocks bitter taste

WASHINGTON  — Can’t stand your grandmother’s bitter Brussels sprouts? Instead of dousing them in butter or feeding them to the dog, you may soon have a scientific option codenamed GIV3727.

Orbits of exoplanets tilted

WASHINGTON — An astronomer at the University of Texas in Austin reports on the careful measurement of two planets circling Upsilon Andromedae, a star which sits in space about 44 light-years from our sun.

New estimates on ocean depth and warming

WASHINGTON — Two new studies give the best scientific estimates of the average depth of the world’s oceans, the total amount of water they contain, and the extent to which this water warmed over the last two decades — the latter being an important m

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