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Scientific Agenda

Scientific Agenda reports on important and interesting developments from the world of science in Minnesota and elsewhere. Coverage includes reports from MinnPost journalist Sharon Schmickle, Inside Science News Service, and other sources.

Theory explains why some with HIV survive longer

WASHINGTON — A group of researchers in Boston announced a new theory this week that may help to explain a longstanding mystery in AIDS research: why some people with HIV survive for decades without ever developing AIDS.

Birds of a feather attack together

WASHINGTON — Last summer, physicist Suzanne Amador Kane at Haverford College in Pennsylvania set up an experiment looking at how flocks of small birds on her campus — swallows — defend themselves from predators by ganging up and forming mobs.

Science behind ‘Iron Man 2’

When “Iron Man 2” opens in theaters today, May 7, you probably won’t notice the science consultant who helped bring real science into the world of science fiction.

10 space targets you can spot without the Hubble

Of all the countless great and wonderful objects that have been imaged by the Hubble Space Telescope during its first 20 years of operation, we thought it might be interesting to find some Hubble objects that can be seen from Earth — either with the

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