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Huge meets huge: Sumo at the Mall of America

What could be better than watching three huge sumo wrestlers push each other around on a stage flanked by Sea Life and fast-food joints? Nothing, decided hundreds of people who lined the Mall of America rotunda Saturday morning and afternoon for two exhibition matches that lasted seconds each and consisted of an emcee and three former world champions who weighed a collective 1,400 pounds.

What did we learn? Not much, other than the fact that mall shoppers will stop to rubberneck at/tweet about anything; that the goal is to push your opponent outside the circle; and that the big boys eat “three times as much as the normal person does.”

The Wikipedia entry for the Japanese martial art is more illuminating than anything that went down Saturday, as is the website for the event’s sponsor, USA Sumo.  

“You’ve never had this before in Minnesota,” the emcee told the crowd; this is what history looks like:

MinnPost photo by Jim Walsh
MinnPost photo by Jim Walsh
MinnPost photo by Jim Walsh
MinnPost photo by Jim Walsh
MinnPost photo by Jim Walsh

Comments (4)

  1. Submitted by Pavel Yankovic on 06/01/2015 - 09:40 am.

    I’m not….

    sad about missing this. How people find entertainment in watching two super morbidly obese (yes, it is a medical term) wallowing around like this is beyond me. One more reason not to go to the MOA.

  2. Submitted by Doug Gray on 06/01/2015 - 11:31 am.

    cultural exchange FAIL

    Way to blow an opportunity to promote understanding between nations. It’s impossible to convey what Sumo is with a few stills and some wisecracks about fat guys. I know, let’s promote the NFL to Japan by showing them some pics of guys spitting Gatorade on the sidelines and talk about how the players take a lot of drugs and beat their wives and kids.

  3. Submitted by john brodey on 06/01/2015 - 01:34 pm.

    It’s sweeping Minn.

    Well, I’ll admit that the photos do make it look like the Sumo consists mostly of hugging but then again it may not be anymore of a sport you’d want to see your kids take up than football. Hypertension and cardiovascular disease versus concussions and dementia. Neither is a pretty picture.

  4. Submitted by Steve Titterud on 06/01/2015 - 01:53 pm.

    This cultural exchange deserves more comprehension…

    …than the nonsense of this column, whose author assumes we will all be comfortable in his shallow waters, where both he and we will learn nothing.

    What is the point of displaying your ignorance and insensitivity ??

    This is the worst column I’ve ever seen on MinnPost – insulting not only to the visiting Japanese, but also to its readers !! Where the heck is the editing function here ??

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