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A Wild tradition: pre-planned noise and spectacle

Those of you who love hockey and watch the Versus Network don’t need the symbolism of the huge, slimy octopus featured in their Stanley Cup playoff commercials explained.

The Cuddyer dominoes

Michael Cuddyer’s dislocated right index finger has had a domino effect on both the roster and batting order, as the Twins replaced him by calling up Denard Span from Triple-A and shifting Joe Mauer into his lineup

Baseball scheduling begs question: Who’s on first?

Griping Central, better known as Katy Feeney’s office, was open for business this week as usual. Feeney, a longtime major league baseball official and daughter of former Giants general manager Chub Feeney, has one of the most thankless jobs going.

Free Jason Kubel!

Jason Kubel split the 2004 season between Double-A and Triple-A, hitting .351 with 22 homers, 42 doubles, 16 steals, and a 59-to-53 strikeout-to-walk ratio in 127 total games. Read more… By Aaron Gleeman 

The smiles are returning to the faces (Opening Day)

After a long, cold, lonely winter, the best day of the year is finally here, but for the first time in the nearly six-year history of my blog, Opening Day has arrived without the Twins being viewed as serious playoff contenders.

Top 40 Twins prospects of 2008

My annual series ranking and profiling the Twins’ top 40 prospects… By Aaron Gleeman 

A Cuban standoff: Mavericks’ Mark takes on the bloggers

A blog, we all know now in this Internet age, is the work of someone decidedly unprofessional. Typing away off the top of his or her head. Clad in sweatpants or pajamas or a bathrobe. From a computer in the basement.

Fans gone wild: Anger over the Simon deal

Bashing the Minnesota Wild for acquiring multi-suspended goon Chris Simon at the trade deadline instead of an actual skilled player is too easy. Besides, their fans are doing it so well, why try to outshout them?

A 24-hour hockey game

The so-called state of hockey is going to be sharing its trademarked title this weekend with 49 wannabes.