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The Stroll

The Stroll

The Stroll, penned and drawn by Andy Sturdevant, is a weekly look at the art, architecture, history, and visual culture of the Twin Cities — with each article focused on one geographic area, shown in a hand-drawn map. The Stroll draws readers' attention not only to traditional works of visual art but also to architecture, street art, historic sites, public art, advertising, artists' projects, and events on the streets and sidewalks around town.

Snelling Avenue's incongruous, winding bluff origins

Snelling Avenue's incongruous, winding bluff origins: Walk along it with trepidation

Most of the rest of Snelling is as straight as a cruise missile, barreling through the urban landscape. This meandering portion stretches around the topography of the bluffs.

The Stroll

Minnesota State Fair T-shirt bingo, 2015 edition

You can’t use last year’s bingo cards and expect accurate results. The culture has moved on!