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How to submit a news tip to MinnPost

We know our readers are exposed to information that is often interesting — and newsworthy. If you’ve seen something you think is a story — especially if it helps explain something in the public interest, or if it exposes corruption, injustice or the abuse of power — we want to hear from you.

Know that the best news tips do more than simply notify us that something is happening, however. They’re specific, about issues that have real-world consequences and, whenever possible, include documentation.

The best way to get in touch about a news tip, generally, is to email a MinnPost reporter directly. Coverage areas and contact information can be found here. You can also email

No method of communication is completely confidential, but if your news tip is sensitive, the best way to send it is by mail. Our mailing address is: P.O. Box 18438, Minneapolis, MN 55418.

While we check these channels of communication frequently, we can’t promise we’ll get back to everyone who submits a tip.