MinnPost Partner Offers

It’s no secret: MinnPost readers are not only civic-minded, but they’re also culturally active. For that reason, we’ve partnered with some of our advertisers at arts & culture organizations, who donate a limited number of tickets to their events. We then host a ticket giveaway approximately every month (sometimes we have to skip a month!) that’s open to Gold and Platinum MinnPost members. When each month’s giveaway kicks off, eligible members will receive an email with instructions on how to enter.
Click here to read the full Partner Offers sweepstakes rules.

The winners from the October 2023 drawing were:
Emily Wade
Nicola Hyser
Carol Larson
Candace Campbell
Mark Bliven
Robert Briscoe
Dan Ness
Bruce Ellingson
Amy Lange
John Clouse
David Therkelsen
Susan Herridge
Ann Berry
Jennifer Joseph

The winners from the September 2023 drawing were:
Bonnie Reiland
Emily Wade
Robert Karon
Cathy Madison
Dan Freier
Larry Lamb
Deborah Lane

The winners from the July 2023 drawing were: 
Sharon Long
Bonnie Reiland
Michele Schluender
Mary Nienaber
Mark Crellin
David Ostendorf
Robert Briscoe
Mark Bliven
Anna Abruzzese

The winners from the June 2023 drawing were:
Anne McShane
Patricia Larson
Estelle Brouwer
Devin Driscoll
Jane McWilliams
Lynne Dekker
Mary Ann Straley

The winners from the May 2023 drawing were:
Eva Neubeck
Sue Halligan
John Geertz-Larson
Dan Ness
Tim Felegy
Anne Becker
Margie Ellingson
David Belasco
Adela Peskorz
Shelley Shreffler
Joan Patterson
Patricia Grimes
Matt Seltzer
Steve Clemens

The winners from the April 2023 drawing were:
Mary McKelvey
Jen Joseph
Bruce Ellingson
Devin Driscoll

The winners from the February 2023 drawing were:
Serafina Scheel
Shelley Colvin
Judith Krause
Terri Fishel
Barbara Droher
Ryan Smith
Bob Striker
John Clouse
Scott Chambers
Tom Simpson
Monica Little
Mike Bloomberg
Darin Newman
Mark Davidson

The winners from the January 2023 drawing were:
Susan Herridge
David Therkelsen
Michael Krause
Mary Metzger
Suzann Willhite
Kathy Graham
Betsy Currie
Jeffrey Peterson
Claudia Morgan
Fritz Basgen
Gib Ahlstrand
Anne Becker
Ed Newman
Joe Turgeon
Tanis Beadle

The winners from the December 2022 drawing were:
Gary Hill
Amos Budde
Jeffrey Kolnick
Peter Swenson
Peter Danbury
Patricia Grimes
Bob Taylor
James Roth
Phyllis Edwards
Jen Joseph
Paige Rohman
Ellie Beaver
Sonja Irlbeck
Norma Jean Falink

The winners from the September 2022 drawing were:
Mary Stackpool
Lara Bockenstedt
Marjorie Pearson
Mary Jo Nissen
Carmen Rowland