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GOP scratches Rybak, blogger scratches back

ALSO: Republican gubernatorial candidates get scrappy; Bachmann comes out punching, others punch back; WCCO debuts The Wire (not theTV show).

TheThreeJudges will make law

One more quick thought on the pending decision by the Three Judge election contest panel on the 19 categories of voter/election official mistakes that might or might not disqualify a ballot, (which I steal directly from my last conversation with Ram

Best Buy to begin selling slightly used iPhones at discount

Given the amount of electronic waste piling up around the world, this sounds like a very good thing: Best Buy says starting today, it’s going to sell gently used and refurbished iPhones at a discount in its mobile stores.
The devic

Can happiness be transmitted, and if so, how far?

Is it possible that happiness is contagious? A recent study reported in the British Medical Journal takes a stab at understanding the dynamics of this most elusive of feelings.