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Double and nothing: two winners; that’s all

Unlike the accounts-payable folks at Medicare — who shelled out something on the order of $100 million over the past decade to pay fraudulent claims bearing the ID numbers of dead physicians — the vast MinnPost public knows a dead doctor when it see

More events best forgotten, and a host of other comments

Even during a holiday week, lots of MinnPost readers found time to comment on topics ranging from offshore oil drilling to the Chinese Olympics, Iran, Iraq — and a slew of nominations for 150 Minnesota moments to forget…

School funding, polls and drug trafficking prompt comments

Among the topics stirring MinnPost readers to comment recently were education funding, poll results, the dismal state of the Timberwolves and Red Lake drug trafficking. Here are some examples…

Firefox and Opera meet the big bad Web

Mozilla’s Firefox and Opera Software’s Opera are making a little bit of history this week with new security features, for which the developers deserve our gratitude.

Could PiPress adopt owner’s ‘Quick Read’ concept?

Media News, which owns the Pioneer Press, is exploring Monday-Tuesday papers with shorter stories and fewer pages in several markets. The PiPress isn’t among them, but there’s more to the story.
By David Brauer

Pieces on Ron Paul, Mike Hatch elicit comments

Ron Paul’s snubbing by the GOP, Mike Hatch’s era in the Minnesota attorney general’s office, persistent racism and Arne Carlson’s take on this year’s legislative session were among the issues prompting MinnPost readers’ recent comments… 

‘They will come after you’

The many lawyers who shared with MinnPost their experiences in former Attorney General Mike Hatch’s office say they’re very fearful that he and his successor, Lori Swanson, will find a way to retaliate and punish them — though the actual damage done

How favoritism fueled a TV news fracas

Assault and trespassing charges still hang in the air following a TV news scuffle at an Arabic charter school last week. What fueled the tinderbox? Favoritism. By David Brauer