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Senate runoff in Georgia: Over-hyped, and here’s why

By Eric BlackWednesday, Dec. 3, 2008
Republican Sen. Saxby Chambliss has won the runoff in Georgia, meaning Democrats failed to assemble a filibuster-proof 60-40 Senate majority. Is this a big deal?

Bachmann’s anti-Obama comments could affect close 6th District race

Analysis by Doug Grow | Monday, Oct. 20, 2008 Since Congresswoman Michele Bachmann questioned Barack Obama’s patriotism on national television Friday, donations from across the country have poured into the campaign of her opponent, El Tinklenberg.

An African samba in the Blue Nile

Congolese vocalist Samba Mapangala and the various editions of his Orchestra Virunga pop the cork on musical champagne that’s surprisingly bubbly, sweet and tangy, that tickles your senses and inexorably goads you into doing uncharacteristically sil

Double and nothing: two winners; that’s all

Unlike the accounts-payable folks at Medicare — who shelled out something on the order of $100 million over the past decade to pay fraudulent claims bearing the ID numbers of dead physicians — the vast MinnPost public knows a dead doctor when it see

More events best forgotten, and a host of other comments

Even during a holiday week, lots of MinnPost readers found time to comment on topics ranging from offshore oil drilling to the Chinese Olympics, Iran, Iraq — and a slew of nominations for 150 Minnesota moments to forget…

School funding, polls and drug trafficking prompt comments

Among the topics stirring MinnPost readers to comment recently were education funding, poll results, the dismal state of the Timberwolves and Red Lake drug trafficking. Here are some examples…