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TIZA saga and ballparks among comment topics

The Kersten vs. TIZA saga continues to draw comments from MinnPost readers, along with Earth Day, ballparks, gas prices, presidential candidates and a new North Side activist. Here’s a selection of recent remarks: 

Citizens need a base of common knowledge

Tuesday’s MinnPost carried a noteworthy commentary (“MN shortfalls: We can’t go on like this”) by a quartet of community leaders who, with a common voice, reminded us that Minnesotans and our leaders “need to invest smartly in education, job trainin

Bonding, foreclosure aid among issues drawing comment

MinnPost readers had lots to say recently about line-item vetoes in the bonding bill as well as a host of other topics ranging from carbon reduction to foreclosure policies to the Star Tribune’s plans for beefed-up streaming video. 

UMN News: Gecko tech: Evolution produces ideal adhesive

Bell Museum researcher Tony Gamble and his colleagues will be the first to provide a complete evolutionary history of the 1,100 species of gecko — knowledge that will inform the work of materials scientists hoping to develop a synthetic gecko adhes

MP3 generation discovering the virtues of vinyl

Just as people in their teens and 20s drove the music industry’s switch to digital music, some in the MP3 generation are now giving an unlikely boost to vinyl records.

Tap the tiptop terrible-toggery title

The current Verse or Worse competition, a call to suggest names for the furnishers of the appalling apparel favored on weekends by men of a certain age, produced what your genial host feels was an even nicer collection of possibilities than usual.

PiPress seeks online comments, but not rageaholics

A couple of weeks ago, an enterprising public defender came up with a novel argument: her client’s trial — for making terroristic threats against 10-year-old boy — should be moved from Ramsey County because of public comments on, the

One head finally rolls

By G.R. Anderson Jr.Thursday, Feb. 28, 2008
Lt. Gov. Carol Molnau’s dual role as transportation commissioner ends as the state Senate votes not to confirm her.

Make your mark for the most memorable musical

Your genial host thought he might have been stepping out of the figurative Verse or Worse comfort zone in issuing the current challenge, which involved Garrison Keillor’s aborted lawsuit.

‘Hi, I’m a PC’: Pointed ad campaign has Mac fans laughing

You’d think it would take a lot to ruffle Bill Gates’ feathers. He’s worth about $56 billion, and his PCs claim more than 90 percent of the market. He’s widely considered a visionary of our times.

Here’s hoping… for a transportation epiphany

John Adams, a University of Minnesota professor, often tells the story of parishioners at his church who instinctively rejected the idea of repairing and expanding their building.