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Has thinking, like jobs, been outsourced?

Following the lead of pernicious corporations that outsource jobs, some Americans have begun to outsource their thinking. Read more… By Michael Fedo 

Just when I thought nothing could faze me …

As a middle-aged African-American woman, I thought nothing could surprise me anymore when it comes to racial insensitivity. I was wrong. Something happened the other day that knocked me for a loop. Read more… By Delma J. Francis 

Prices at pump soar again, but don’t blame gas taxes

As we fill up for the Memorial Day weekend, should we blame this unhappy state of affairs on Minnesota’s rising gas tax? Sure, if it makes you feel better. Read more… By Dave Beal 

Here’s how to make Minnesota a better place

How would young people make Minnesota a better place to live? That’s the question a group called Students Speak Out put to members of Generation Y as part of a video-blogging contest to celebrate Minnesota’s 150 years of statehood. 

Franken gears up with hiring of campaign manager

The Franken for Senate campaign became a little more traditional today with the announcement that Stephanie Schriock will become  campaign manager in early June.

The new St. Kate’s: Evolution of a name

What’s in a name change? For the College (soon to be University) of St. Catherine, not much, at least not to the casual observer who caught wind of the school’s college-to-university announcement last week. Read more…