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Young actors learn their P’s and Q’s in Spotlight program

A veteran of the Guthrie Theater, Children’s Theatre Company and Chanhassen Dinner Theatre, actor Nate Irvin has spent enough time in musical theater to know how to handle the limelight: When asked about your current production, first spread the glo

UMN News: The unhealthy state of medical journalism

News stories about health and medical treatments often omit critical information such as the costs, harms, and benefits of new treatments; the quality of the evidence; the existence of other treatment options; and potential conflicts of interest by

Jesse’s latest book makes bestseller list, too

Jesse Ventura’s new book is doing better than many critics expected, much like Ventura’s unexpected gubernatorial victory in 1998. It was No.

Got free time? Write a book: It worked for Toby Barlow

File this under “book ideas that will never fly”: A female werewolf runs at the center of a pack of male werewolves that is brutally terrorizing the seedy side of Los Angeles. And then she falls in love with a dogcatcher and leaves her pack.

U of M – Murphy Reporter: A Stranglehold on History

Neal Karlen recounts the agreement Tom DeFrank made under pressure from then-Vice President Ford not to use a certain quote about President Nixon and Watergate until Ford was dead, and how it turned into DeFrank’s new book, “Write It When I’m Gone.”