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Hugo Chavez

Echoing Chávez, Venezuela’s Maduro given decree powers

While Maduro says the emergency decree powers are necessary to stamp out corruption and fix the country’s foundering economy, the move is seen by critics as trampling democracy.

Hugo Chavez is dead

The death of a leading voice of the Latin American left plunged his divided oil-rich nation into an uncertain future.

What is Hugo Chávez’s legacy in Venezuela?

President Hugo Chávez so dominated the identity of oil-rich Venezuela during his 14-year tenure that the political current of his supporters bears his name: chavismo.

Venezuela’s Chavez wins re-election

Hugo Chavez won about 54 percent of the vote, defeating Henrique Capriles by nearly 10 percentage points, electoral officials said.

Hugo Chavez back in Venezuela presidential race

President Hugo Chavez made his first public appearance since returning to Venezuela May 11 after completing cancer treatment in Cuba.