On voting day, a cry from Timbuktu: ‘We want peace’

The ancient city saw high turnout in the months after war and coup. Some voters not on the list are going back to the desert where they have ‘only the wind.’

Peacekeeping force for unsettled Mali gets unanimous UN vote

Resolution 2100 has French troops replaced by blue helmets and at least half the UN force will be from Africa. Al Qaeda-linked militants are still fighting in Mali’s northern mountains.

In Mali, a war ends but instability lingers

The French drove out Islamist rebels in northern Mali. But can France and its African allies translate those victories into regional stability and peace?

Short trip to Timbuktu reveals long road ahead for Mali

Returning to his hometown, Issaka Nazoum invoked DeGaulle on the liberation of Paris: ‘Timbuktu shattered, Timbuktu martyred, but Timbuktu liberated!’ He knows, though, that Mali faces daunting hurdles.