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Mon people

UMN News: Young scholar vaults into academic stardom

For Ashley Lynne Nord, breaking an ankle turned out to be a good career move. When the University of Minnesota pole vaulter saw 3-D MRI pictures of the fracture, she got an intriguing first exposure to biophysics.

What they’re saying about the Citigroup rescue

The U.S. government will intervene to help giant Citigroup with a plan approved late Sunday by federal regulators after a weekend of nonstop negotiations.

Twin Cities-area schools more segregated than ever

Thirty-six years after a federal judge ordered Minneapolis to begin busing students to achieve racial balance, Twin Cities-area schools are more segregated than ever.

UMN News: The language of luxury

A University of Minnesota researcher shows how advertisers’ language choices evoke different reactions.FROM UMN NEWS

Change, truth and small-town values

National political conventions are carefully staged galas where presidential candidates describe themselves on their own terms and present the image they want the public to like and support.