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Mon people

The Strib claims an enviro first, but is it best?

I realize the default position of media writers is often snark, but this item didn’t start out that way, honest.This morning, Star Tribune subscribers may have found their regular newspaper in a new wrapping — an “oxo-biodegradable” bag that breaks

State should help foster socially responsible businesses

In the drive to please Wall Street investors, some corporations have shortchanged their customers and workers and polluted the air we breathe. Corporate scandals fill the news media. Read more…
By Sen. John Marty

Twin Cities Daily Planet: KIPP is coming

The nationally recognized Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP) is opening a Minneapolis charter school this fall, its first in the state. KIPP schools feature long school days, a long school year and character development.

Bush Foundation announces its $100,000 and $50,000 grant recipients

When Janel Jacobson received the phone call that she was one of three $100,000 recipients of the Bush Foundation’s Enduring Vision Artist Awards, the Minnesota artist was in the midst of baking more than 3,000 cookies for the Minnesota Potter’s Tour

RIP, Jim McKay, at his best in both triumph and tragedy

Growing up in Chicago, a city of stick-and-ball sports as well as big shoulders, I came late to ABC’s “Wide World of Sports.” Compared with a steady diet of Cubs, Bears, White Sox, Blackhawks and Bulls, “WWOS” was an acquired taste, and those early

UMN News: The unhealthy state of medical journalism

News stories about health and medical treatments often omit critical information such as the costs, harms, and benefits of new treatments; the quality of the evidence; the existence of other treatment options; and potential conflicts of interest by

New parents still love Ava; Jacob tops Ethan in popularity

Minnesota parents still can’t get enough of Ava, which ranked No. 1 again in 2007, according to a report released today by the Social Security Administration. Read more… By Christina Capecchi 

Theater festival explores spirituality, religion

Matters of the spirit — especially those from other cultures — can be a bit frightening to approach, especially if you are an overly polite Minnesotan. Dean Seal has a solution for you. Read more… By Ed Huyck 

What’s that peculiar scent? A second chance!

Ordinarily this would be the week, in the inexorable, changeless changing of the Verse or Worse cycle, in which your genial host presents the five best entries in the previous week’s competition and asks you, the vast Verse or Worse public, to vote