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Russia’s xenophobia problem

Xenophobia toward non-whites is rising in Russia, especially toward migrant workers from Central Asia and the restive North Caucasus region, where unemployment is rampant.

Is Russia’s Orthodox Church privileged or persecuted?

The Church insists that it is facing an unprecedented attack from irreligious social forces that are out to destroy its reputation and undermine the nation’s faith.

Russia urges NATO to stay in Afghanistan beyond 2014

Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov urged NATO to keep its forces in Afghanistan beyond President Barack Obama’s 2014 deadline for withdrawing from the decade-old war.

Look who’s saving the world: BRICS pump up foreign aid

Western donors are no longer the only significant providers of international aid as emerging powers are extending their outreach abroad.

Russia exasperated with US over missile defense

A top Russian defense official warned Thursday that NATO‘s plans to install an anti-missile shield in Europe are a “litmus test” for future relations between Moscow and the West.