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Software engineering

TheThreeJudges will make law

One more quick thought on the pending decision by the Three Judge election contest panel on the 19 categories of voter/election official mistakes that might or might not disqualify a ballot, (which I steal directly from my last conversation with Ram

‘They will come after you’

The many lawyers who shared with MinnPost their experiences in former Attorney General Mike Hatch’s office say they’re very fearful that he and his successor, Lori Swanson, will find a way to retaliate and punish them — though the actual damage done

Has thinking, like jobs, been outsourced?

Following the lead of pernicious corporations that outsource jobs, some Americans have begun to outsource their thinking. Read more… By Michael Fedo 

Just when I thought nothing could faze me …

As a middle-aged African-American woman, I thought nothing could surprise me anymore when it comes to racial insensitivity. I was wrong. Something happened the other day that knocked me for a loop. Read more… By Delma J. Francis 

Here’s how to make Minnesota a better place

How would young people make Minnesota a better place to live? That’s the question a group called Students Speak Out put to members of Generation Y as part of a video-blogging contest to celebrate Minnesota’s 150 years of statehood. 

Citizens need a base of common knowledge

Tuesday’s MinnPost carried a noteworthy commentary (“MN shortfalls: We can’t go on like this”) by a quartet of community leaders who, with a common voice, reminded us that Minnesotans and our leaders “need to invest smartly in education, job trainin

Yikes! Do you hear what I hear?

If WLTE’s “wall-to-wall” Christmas carols already are driving you up the wall, don’t blame the program director; blame the hundreds of Minnesotans who requested it.

Do you have the write stuff? Prove it this month

It’s not as if she didn’t have anything else going on this month. Minneapolis student N. Jeanne Burns is juggling four classes scattered across three campuses, never mind the usual work and life demands.