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Southeast Asia

Twin Cities Daily Planet: KIPP is coming

The nationally recognized Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP) is opening a Minneapolis charter school this fall, its first in the state. KIPP schools feature long school days, a long school year and character development.

RIP, Jim McKay, at his best in both triumph and tragedy

Growing up in Chicago, a city of stick-and-ball sports as well as big shoulders, I came late to ABC’s “Wide World of Sports.” Compared with a steady diet of Cubs, Bears, White Sox, Blackhawks and Bulls, “WWOS” was an acquired taste, and those early

UMN News: The unhealthy state of medical journalism

News stories about health and medical treatments often omit critical information such as the costs, harms, and benefits of new treatments; the quality of the evidence; the existence of other treatment options; and potential conflicts of interest by

Theater festival explores spirituality, religion

Matters of the spirit — especially those from other cultures — can be a bit frightening to approach, especially if you are an overly polite Minnesotan. Dean Seal has a solution for you. Read more… By Ed Huyck 

What’s that peculiar scent? A second chance!

Ordinarily this would be the week, in the inexorable, changeless changing of the Verse or Worse cycle, in which your genial host presents the five best entries in the previous week’s competition and asks you, the vast Verse or Worse public, to vote

Delta prez careful, conciliatory in latest Capitol hearings on Northwest

In what was at least the third round of hearings at the Capitol regarding the Delta-Northwest Airlines merger, Delta President and CFO Ed Bastian came to St. Paul from Atlanta this morning. His appearance was a noble, if symbolic, gesture.

Help choose the best Swifty (selectively)

Verse or Worsifiers hit their stride in this week’s competition, in which they were asked to produce Tom Swifties — on any fairly recent event. Read more… By Al Sicherman 

Choose the best monosyllabic entry about Paul Douglas

The current competition, in which Verse or Worsifiers were called upon to discuss the dismissal of TV weatherman Paul Douglas in words of one syllable, produced rather an odd assortment. Read more… By Al Sicherman 

City Pages loses its last news vet to Minnesota Monitor

Paul Demko, City Pages’ last remaining news reporter from the Steve Perry era, resigned today. He will join Perry’s new title, Minnesota Monitor, as a full-time political reporter, say sources who have spoken to Demko. Read more…