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Michele Bachmann has an unexpected donor

ALSO: Allen Quist speaks out on the liberal threat; Pawlenty and the Legislature at odds on education; a heartwarming dog story.

Nikka Costa: The world’s greatest redheaded soul singer

Nikka Costa is nobody’s idea of an underdog. A show-biz kid who’s the goddaughter of Frank Sinatra and the flesh-and-blood child of Sinatra’s producer, Don Costa, she’s been afforded insider perqs ever since she opened for Don Ho at the age of 5.

Michele Bachmann’s memorable moments

This is not Michele Bachmann’s first time — nor will it be her last — backpedaling like Michael Jackson in the “Thriller” video.

RIP, Jim McKay, at his best in both triumph and tragedy

Growing up in Chicago, a city of stick-and-ball sports as well as big shoulders, I came late to ABC’s “Wide World of Sports.” Compared with a steady diet of Cubs, Bears, White Sox, Blackhawks and Bulls, “WWOS” was an acquired taste, and those early