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Yemen’s youth protesters lament their unfinished revolution

BEIRUT, Lebanon — One year ago this week, Faizah Sulaimani was among the first small group of young protesters — less than 30 people, led by the Arab world’s first female Nobel Peace Prize winner — who gathered at the gates of Sanaa University to

Breaking: Obama: All troops out of Iraq by 2011.

Great Iraq speech by Obama, just concluded. Instead of 16 months to withdrawal of all combat troops from Iraq (as per campaign timetable) 18 months, with transition complete by Aug. 31, 2010. This was stated with a firm “I will end” U.S.

MNArtists.org: Seeing the Iraq war through borrowed eyes

Author Marya Hornbacher analyzes Megan Rye’s Iraq war paintings, which Hornbacher describes as “an enormous body of work painted over the course of four years — an intricate, almost obsessive examination of the Iraq war.”FROM MNARTISTS.ORG