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GOP scratches Rybak, blogger scratches back

ALSO: Republican gubernatorial candidates get scrappy; Bachmann comes out punching, others punch back; WCCO debuts The Wire (not theTV show).

Coleman-Franken recount: Fivethirtyeight takes on Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal had a strong editorial Monday about how the Minnesota Senate recount was, more or less, invalid.
One MinnPost reader sent me a passionate email urging me to fact-check the editorial.
But Nate Silver, the brilliant guru at f

The essential stupidity of the ‘blogger’ evasion

I’ve been a paid journalist for 25 years, but after 11 months online I’ve made peace with being called a “blogger.” Many journalists hate the tag — it carries the connotation of “amateur namecaller.” Hell, even some amateur bloggers object when I ca

Twitter strategy: microblogging for big business

I’ll admit, when I first heard of Twitter a couple years ago, I thought it sounded goofy. A service devoted to transmitting the random thoughts of average people? No, thanks.

UMN News: MySpace, Facebook are more than cyberspace hangouts

A University of Minnesota study of social-networking habits finds that teens listed technology skills as the top lesson, followed by creativity, being open to new or diverse views, and communication skills.FROM UMN NEWS