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More stadium machinations

AFTERNOON EDITION ALSO: Anoka-Hennepin policy dispute; gay marriage ruling’s mixed results; a frustrating fender-bender; hopes of legislative cooperation; and more.
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MPR report lays out gory details of GOP money woes

AFTERNOON EDITION ALSO: T-Paw tweaks Kris Humphries; Sommerfest moves to U during renovation; Dayton backs cleanup for Arden Hills site; Koch offers 5-minute interviews; Bachmann camp disputes statement; and more.
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Yemen’s youth protesters lament their unfinished revolution

BEIRUT, Lebanon — One year ago this week, Faizah Sulaimani was among the first small group of young protesters — less than 30 people, led by the Arab world’s first female Nobel Peace Prize winner — who gathered at the gates of Sanaa University to

Minnesotans: Obsessed with fictional Scandinavian murders

ALSO: Bloggers celebrate art and bedevil each other; Klobuchar finds a fan at Elle Magazine; Ellison bothered by Bachmann/Palin fundraiser; smoking buddha out of a vegetable at the new stadium.

The Tea Party in Minnesota

ALSO: Pawlenty receives a threatening letter; a brutal murder; a deadly fire; a former Viking helps an aspiring painter.

A glance off the beaten track of local news

Babies with pitchforks, men (and women!) with beards, and boys with Civil War rifles. ALSO: The latest health care, Tim Pawlenty, Michele Bachmann, and Denny Hecker news.