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Starting at the Finnish

To keep your fingers limber as another Minnesota winter approaches, MinnPost will hold a writing competition of sorts every two weeks.

Word by word, typo by typo, page by page

By Dave Wood | Monday, Nov. 12, 2007 Jon Hassler, who is busy working on his 15th novel, declines to let a Parkinson’s-like illness redefine his life.

The forgotten Saint on Yankees Murderers Row

OK, so we’re a little late. The 80th anniversary of the 1927 Yankees (best known as Murderers’ Row) sweeping Pittsburgh in the World Series to finish one of the most dominant seasons in baseball history passed a few weeks ago.

Jazz finds steady rhythm and soul in the Twin Cities

Maybe it’s just artsy civic pride, but I’ve heard local jazz enthusiasts boast that there are more live jazz venues per capita in the Twin Cities than anywhere else in the United States.