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2 Minneapolis council members find food group appointments hard to swallow

After a week filled with budget hearings, today’s Minneapolis City Council meeting was short but not always sweet.

Council members got hung up on appointments to the new Homegrown Minneapolis Food Council.

Who knew that wasn’t a done deal?

Council Member Meg Tuthill asked to delay approval because five of the city’s 13 wards were not represented on the food council — hers included.

“I don’t think where they live is that important,” said Council Member Lisa Goodman, who noted that those on the list might work in other wards than where they live and that the group represents many areas of expertise.  Her ward is represented on the council.

There were 98 applications for appointment to the 15-person council.

Council Member Diane Hofstede joined Tuthill in wanting to delay “as a matter of courtesy.”  Her ward has no one on the council. “We would like to have the opportunity to do a little tweaking.”

However, there will be no tweaking. Tuthill and Hofstede were the only votes to delay the appointments.

Here’s a quick-hit look at other council action:

The updating of the taxicab ordinance was approved. It includes a new dress code that prohibits drivers from wearing flip-flops but allows them to talk on cell phones when there are no passengers in the cab or in case of an emergency. The section of the ordinance requiring drivers to accept credit cards was delayed until January for more study.

Dancing and drinking
Crave was granted a liquor and wine license for the Cowles Center for Dance and the Performing Arts.

Asian carp
The council voted to approve the State Asian Carp Action Plan after recent news that Asian carp DNA had been found above the Coon Rapids Dam. “There’s not anything that stops them unless you kill them,” said Hofstede when the plan was discussed in committee. “In this case, I’m highly motivated.”

Bicycle master plan
The Bicycle Advisory Committee has completed work on a plan that suggests, among other things, the hiring of a full-time bike coordinator. Shaun Murphy’s work as the Non-Motorized Transportation Pilot Program staff person is paid by the federal government.

The master plan also suggests turning low-volume roads into bike and pedestrian paths and also recommends minimizing travel lane widths and the number of travel lanes for vehicles. 

A section of the plan dealing with other units of government was referred to the Intergovernmental Relations staff in the City Coordinator’s Office.

Rubber stamp ‘updating’
City Clerk Casey Carl will be allowed to order a self-inking, rubber stamp version of the City Seal to mark documents.  The Clerk’s office currently uses antique bronze embossers of the city seal that are no longer being made.

Northern Metals and the PCA
The council directed city staff to submit comments to the Minneapolis Pollution Control Agency regarding plans by Northern Metals to amend a permit to operate a hammer mill metal shredder.  The metal shredder would be located at the company’s Pacific Street location on the Mississippi River just south of the Lowry Avenue Bridge. The PCA is apparently relaxing some of its standards that would allow the metal shredder.

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  1. Submitted by James Hamilton on 12/09/2011 - 03:36 pm.

    It’s a wonder the City of Minneapolis gets anything done with so many pressing matters to attend to, such as Homegrown Food Councils and cab drivers’ dress codes and rubber-stamping a request to buy rubber stamps.

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