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Council Member Melvin Carter introducing Trayvon Martin resolution

St. Paul City Council Member Melvin Carter III says he'll introduce a Trayvon Martin resolution at today's meeting, to support those seeking justice for the 17-year-old teen who was shot and killed Feb. 26 in Sanford, Fla.

Carter's resolution will call for support of Thursday's "One Million Hoodie March for Trayvon Martin," which will be at 6 p.m. on the University of Minnesota's Northrop Plaza.

Carter's resolution also would designate Thursday as "Trayvon Martin Day" in St. Paul.

CBS News says that the investigation into the shooting is essentially starting over, with "the new special prosecutor and a team of investigators quietly re-interviewing witnesses and examining evidence related to the unarmed teen's shooting death."

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We still have no idea what

We still have no idea what happened that day, so why are events such as this taking place yet. The investigation hasn't concluded.

We certainly don't, Joshua

All of us were saddened by that choir boy picture of Trayvon. Now we discover he is 6'3" with 3 school suspensions and a few other incidents. And the shooter has injuries to prove his story of the assault. It's time for a pause and wait for judgement.

Where is the outrage of

Where is the outrage of having someone who clearly ignores the laws of this State and Nation? Melvin Carter III is a St.Paul City Council member who now shows he has no knowledge of the BASIC law INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY! If this is how he conducts himself he has absolutly no reason to be on the city council. He should be removed TODAY by members of the city council and citizens of St. Paul!

Trayvon Martin Day

You are jumping on a band wagon before all of the evidence has been put forth. We have no reason to get ourselves involved with this case. Right now there is wat too much heated feelings. No one knows what the true nature is. But you trying to get a Trayvon Martin Day going is no better than those who want a million hoodie march. Or those who are trying to cash in on the kid death ------ Jesse jackson, Al sharpon, and worse of all the mother. You going to have the same consideration if a black shoots either another Hispanic or White? Think not. You are just stirring up alot of racial heat with dumb idea.

Better Things to do?

There's too much to decide in Trayvon's case and we're already seeing glorification of a tragedy. If reports are true that Trayvon ditched the community watchman and then jumped him because he didn't like being followed let alone previous behavioral issues, why is anyone formally honoring this? We don't know if Zimmerman is a saint either. But wait until the facts are settled beofer jumping to conclusions...unless there are those out there that don't want to know the whole truth.