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Springsteen teases over St. Paul ‘renaming’ streets for his concerts

St. Paul got a shout-out — and a little razzing — from singer Bruce Springsteen, after the city renamed two streets in honor of the Boss’s two concerts at Xcel Energy Center, Sunday and Monday.

The temporary signs at Kellogg Boulevard and West 7th Street said: Springsteen Rd. and E Street.

At both concerts, Springsteen acknowledged the street names, but joked that the change was for only one day, and he was in town for two days. He went on for some time about it, both nights, getting some laughs from the crowd.

Mayor Chris Coleman, a big Springsteen fan who saw both concerts, said the name change was for the whole weekend.

“He was giving us some grief, but it was the whole weekend,” Coleman said Tuesday.

The second concert was on Monday, but City Hall was closed and parking meters were free because it was the Veterans Day observation, so I guess it was a long weekend.

Coleman went backstage Sunday night and talked with Springsteen, drummer Max Weinberg and guitarist Steven Van Zandt.

“Steve told me that if we made the street name changes permanent, that Prince might be mad,” Coleman said.

“I told him, ‘Prince is from Minneapolis, so what the heck do I care.’ “

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