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President Obama 'has my full support' on gun proposals, says St. Paul Mayor Coleman

Following President Obama's announcement Wednesday morning that he's taking executive action on many fronts to confront gun violence, St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman said he's with the president on this.

Coleman will be in Washington, D.C., Thursday through Saturday at a mayors' conference, which, among other issues, will consider ways to limit gun violence and mayhem. Vice President Biden, who is the administration's point man on the gun actions, will meet with the mayors Thursday.

Coleman said in a statement after the President address:

"I am encouraged by President Obama’s thoughtful and determined response to the continuing gun violence we see in our communities.  The President’s proposals today will effectively address many of the areas lacking in our current gun laws, including universal background checks and bans on military-style assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition clips.

"There is no single factor that will reduce gun violence in our communities.  Mental health care and societal perceptions of gun violence are very real contributing factors and must be dealt with. But we do a disservice to all those who have been killed, injured, or affected by these heartbreaking events by ignoring a major component of the problem.

"President Obama has my full support behind the proposals he unveiled today, and I urge both parties of Congress to come together and comprehensively address these issues that we can no longer afford to ignore."

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