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Without Rybak in the race, Minneapolis mayor’s race draws 35 candidates

Without an incumbent in the race and just a $20 filing fee, a possible record number of candidates have jumped into the Minneapolis mayor’s race.

Filings for the race ended Tuesday, and 35 candidates are now officially in the running. They have until Thursday to withdraw.

Most of the candidates will not mount a well-organized or well-funded campaign, but the city’s use of ranked-choice voting — where voters may list their first, second and third choices — might give some hope to some of the lesser-known candidates.

R.T. Rybak is not seeking a fourth term, and the city DFL Party did not endorse a candidate.

The field includes two current City Council members (Betsy Hodges and Don Samuels), two former City Council members (Dan Cohen and Jackie Cherryhomes) and one former Hennepin County commissioner (Mark Andrew).

The 35 candidates, in alphabetical order and as their names will appear on the ballot:

  1. Mark V. Anderson
  2. Merrill Anderson
  3. Mark Andrew
  4. Neal Baxter
  5. Troy Benjegerdes
  6. Alicia K. Bennett
  7. Edmund Bernard Bruyere
  8. Bob “Again” Carney Jr.
  9. Jackie Cherryhomes
  10. Christopher Clark
  11. Dan Cohen
  12. James Everett
  13. Bob Fine
  14. Cyd Gorman
  15. Mike Gould
  16. Kurtis W. Hanna
  17. John Leslie Hartwig
  18. Betsey Hodges
  19. Gregg A. Iverson
  20. Bill Kahn
  21. Jaymie Kelly
  22. Tony Lane
  23. Doug Mann
  24. Abdul M. Rahaman “The Rock”
  25. Joshua Rea
  26. Don Samuels
  27. Ole Savior
  28. Captain Jack Sparrow
  29. James “Jimmy” L. Stroud Jr.
  30. Jeffrey Alan Wagner
  31. John Charles Wilson
  32. Cam Winton
  33. Stephanie Woodruff
  34. Rahn V. Workcuff
  35. Christopher Robin Zimmerman.

Comments (1)

  1. Submitted by Christopher Clark on 09/09/2013 - 05:09 pm.

    just like 2003 CA recall on Gray Davis

    I admit 35 people filing to replace Rybak seems ironic. Everyone runs for a reason. Telling a story or motivation or a lesson to be learned in the process. Seems like those with the most money are considered potential and serious. Its the rest of us bringing up additional issues they prefer not talking about. In 2003, remember the recall against Gray Davis?
    The terminator, Gary Coleman, a sexy porn star and 47 others including incumbent ran like Forrest Gump. Many didn’t have a chance but they spread ideas and got the fire going again. Its a shame a lot of neighborhood papers like Southwest Journal and organizations like League of Women Voters are looking at those who raise the most money as viable candidates.
    Weren’t these the same people crying about the decision regarding the U.S. Supreme Court allowing unlimited dollar amounts being used in future campaigns? But its ok for this election or another election where the democrats hold the majority. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Too many double standards here!
    Give everyone a fair chance to be heard. A few outlets have given that opportunity like KFAI, etc…. Aren’t we a democracy here, people? Let every voice be heard even if you don’t think its important. The Libertarian party is the third largest party in this country. Represented well in states like North Carolina, Colorado, Montana, Minnesota etc… We’re the party of principle and common sense. I encourage you to go to and take the world’s smallest quiz. I took it twice and became a believer!!! Every vote counts. Remember 2000? Have the rules and circumstances changed? Its just a new century and frontier we’re appraoching. Rock the vote!!!!

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