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Verse or Worse

Uncle Al discovers the new Gatorade

Uncle Al isn’t an exercise guy so it shouldn’t be surprising that he pays little attention to energy drinks. But the other day Uncle Al noticed something in ad for Gatorade.

The curious case of the nose flute and two yarmulkes

The other night I found a nose flute in a sport coat I hadn’t worn recently. That was puzzling enough: The presence of the two yarmulkes takes the mystery to a considerably higher level of peculiarity.

Can chocolate lead to a life of crime?

Your old Uncle Al likes a loony study as much as the next guy. So let’s consider recent British research on eating chocolate at a young age and violent crime.

My Volt gets 40,000 miles per gallon

Last week there was a news report that your old Uncle Al found even more annoying than the endless coverage of the 40th anniversary of Woodstock: General Motors’ new Volt gets 230 miles per gallon!

How cold is it? It’s so cold…

Now that we’ve had a few days of cold worth feeling smug about (what’s the point of living in a place where you can’t name the senators without an abacus if you can’t at least brag about how inhumanly cold it gets?), I suggest that it is perhaps tim

Double and nothing: two winners; that’s all

Unlike the accounts-payable folks at Medicare — who shelled out something on the order of $100 million over the past decade to pay fraudulent claims bearing the ID numbers of dead physicians — the vast MinnPost public knows a dead doctor when it see

Decide the dead-doctor derby

The opportunity to help Americans determine whether their doctor is dead brought forth a dramatic increase in the number of Verse or Worseifiers — as compared to the previous challenge, anyway. Read more…
By Al Sicherman

One Frosting licks the others; onto the next contest

Five odes diverged as you knew they would, and sorry they could not choose them all, Verse or Worse voters did really good, picking the one that — under its hood — included a big-poet roll call. Read more…
By Al Sicherman

Pick the verse that wins the purse

Your genial host’s father once confided to him a bit of wisdom that he claimed to have learned somehow from insiders on the vaudeville circuit: The three slowest weeks of the year were Easter, Christmas and Milwaukee.

A Ventura victor and a Frosty invitation

The Verse or Worse electorate pounced on the chance to choose the best (or at least the most amusing) reason Jesse Ventura should skip the U.S. Senate race and run for president.

Judge the jesting Jesse justifications

The current Verse or Worse contest was something of a change of pace, and it seemed to bring out more entries than usual from both Verse Or Worse aficionados and first-time contributors.