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Keillor musical set to go; now sign up some celebrities

The winner of the competition for the Broadway musical based on the short-lived Garrison Keillor lawsuit (about a neighbor’s addition blocking his house’s access to light and air) is Tonya DePriest, for her touching, bittersweet “No Fiddling With the Roof.” She will soon be high-kicking (but no higher than the soffits) in a strikingly decent MinnPost T-shirt.

Jealous? Of course. Then enter this week’s competition, which is inspired by the recent visit of George Takei, who played Mr. Sulu on “Star Trek.” Takei was here to narrate “To Boldly Go,” a symphonic program performed by the Minnesota Orchestra (and a split infinitive). It included selections from Gustav Holst’s “The Planets” and scores from such science-fiction entertainments as “Star Wars,” “Close Encounters” and “Star Trek.”

Your challenge is to put together a program featuring famous persons — living, dead or imaginary — and a musical selection that the person’s name or work suggests. Your entry can consist of up to five visiting celebrities and musical numbers.

Here are some not particularly exciting examples, just to get you started:

Andy Warhol, The Campbells Are Comin’
Henry Ford, Fun, Fun, Fun
Isaac Newton, What Goes Up/ Must Come Down
Robert Frost, Your Cold, Cold Heart
Samuel F.B. Morse, Your Code, Code Heart

Email your entry to asicherman [at] minnpost [dot] com by 5 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 14.

On a basis that wouldn’t stand up to very much scrutiny, your genial host will then take several days to amuse himself sifting and winnowing the entries. Eventually he will rise up singing, holding in front of him the best five, each consisting of one to five visiting celebrities and their songs.

On Monday, Feb. 18, he will post those five entries, and you’ll have until Thursday, Feb. 21, to vote for the best, which will win that intriguingly lovable MinnPost T-shirt.

The winning name will be posted on Monday, Feb. 25, along with a new challenge.

OK. A-lists in place? Start lining up celebrities!

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