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Make your mark for the most memorable musical

Your genial host thought he might have been stepping out of the figurative Verse or Worse comfort zone in issuing the current challenge, which involved Garrison Keillor’s aborted lawsuit.

That lawsuit, you will recall if you were paying attention, objected to a neighbor’s plan to build a two-story addition to the back of her house. It claimed that the addition would “obstruct the access of light and air to the [Keillor] property” and “impair or destroy protected historical resources.” It also said the addition would obstruct their view of “open space and beyond.” It was subsequently settled with the help of a mediator.

Verse or Worseifiers were called upon to name a Broadway musical based on the lawsuit, or to name a song from that musical and provide a sample lyric. It was possible, we knew, that given this area’s natural Lutheran reluctance to poke fun at any major radio personality, and the fact that there’s a broken bone for every light on Broadway, we might have gone too far.

Nope. Not far enough, either. We apparently went just right in terms of farness. There did seem to be a bit of confusion, though, about exactly what we wanted; we got some named musicals and lyrics to unnamed songs, we got some named musicals and named songs with no lyrics, we got . . . Oh, never mind; we took what we liked.

Here are what we deem to be the top five entries. (Think what you want; there will be no re-deeming.) Cast your vote for the winner by clicking here. You need not be singing one of the songs while you vote. Voting ends at 5 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 7, and the winner receives an astonishingly nice MinnPost T-shirt.

Musical Title: “No Sunshine for Old Men”
Song: “He’s Got SCAD” (Seasonal Celebrity Affective Disorder)
— Caroline Wilbrecht

Song: “My Least Fav’rite Things”
Lyric: Blockaded breezes and circumscribed sight lines,
Too-tall garages with outrageous height lines,
Uncultured neighbors and all their ilk brings,
These are a few of my least fav’rite things.
— Ervin Stembol

Musical title: “Air!”
Lyric: View, view, view,
What is one to do, do do?
If one were to sue, sue, sue,
Would it be an air-heir error?
— Connie Cameron

Musical title: “My [Semi] Fair Lady”
Lyric: I’m getting ‘air-ried in the morning.
Ding-dong the sun is going to shine. . .
— Fred Abuan

Musical title: “No Fiddling With the Roof”
Lyric: Sunrise, sunset — no view will we get
No roof, aloof — our suit is the proof
We get what we want!
— Tonya DePriest

Check MinnPost on Monday, Feb. 11, for the results of the vote (who won the somewhat lovely MinnPost T-shirt?) — and a new challenge.

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