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Tap the tiptop terrible-toggery title

The current Verse or Worse competition, a call to suggest names for the furnishers of the appalling apparel favored on weekends by men of a certain age, produced what your genial host feels was an even nicer collection of possibilities than usual. He senses that this topic — unlike the potential musicals about Garrison Keillor’s house problems or limericks about chicken fat on the highway — produced entries that, in some cases, reflected the heartfelt concerns of their contributors.

Your genial host must concede that, over time, he has heard some of those heartfelt concerns expressed about items of his own clothing, thus he has sympathies that he had to overcome in selecting the best five entries, one of which will be the winner of an unspeakably pleasant MinnPost T-shirt.

But your genial host’s work here is finished; now it is for you, each and every MinnPost reader, to walk into the virtual voting booth represented below by the word “here,” and vote for the one entry you find in your heart to be worthy of a MinnPost T-shirt.

Here are your choices:

Geezer Gap
— Carol Lostletter

Dreck’s Brothers
— Nancy Harris

Because They’re Comfortable (Tagline: Clothes your wife will hate!)
— J.P. Laflin

Chest Belts ‘R Us
— John Jansen

Barth Buehrer submitted several nice entries; your genial host exercised his genially hostish prerogative and ignored the entries in favor of the subject line Buehrer used for his e-mail:

Old Men’s Wearhouse

Cast your vote for the winner by clicking here. Voting ends at 5 p.m. Thursday, March 20. On Monday, March 24, we’ll announce winner of the undeniably stupendous MinnPost T-shirt — and a new competition.

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  1. Submitted by sharon gritzmacher on 03/14/2008 - 08:13 pm.

    Is there a particular reason that the “survey is not active”? I’ve attempted to vote but the system won’t allow it.

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