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Last week your genial host was embarrassed by the lack of an embarrassment of entries in that week’s competition (imagining fragrances from sources as unlikely as the one that first stunned him — sneaker-maker Adidas). So he extended the eligibility period for a second week, and he also suspended the original requirement that entries be in the form of a limerick.

Happily, Verse or Worsefiers rose to this much-reduced challenge. They put their noses to the grindstone and scent your genial host enough entries to justify his fragrant abuse of his own rules. (He instinktively knew they would.)

So here, at long last, are what your genial host has decided are the five best entries — including one in limerick form. Your task is to vote for one, thus deciding which of the five contenders will walk away with an utterly fragrance-free MinnPost T-shirt.

Vote for your favorite down where it says “here.”
“Summer on the Mall” by Metro Transit
—Shelley Hanson
“Eau Calcutta,” by Mother Teresa
—Russell Swinburne Romine
“Forgotten Nights” from Jack Daniels
—Ben Henry-Moreland
“Toe-tal Allure” by Dr. Scholl’s
—Terrie Robbins
And the limerick:
Said a chemistry prof from Waseca
I will market that smell in my beaka
I will make lotsa bucks
While having some yucks
And then can afford a new sneaka

—Sharon Gritzmacher
Honorable mention (that’s thanks, but no T-shirt) to Mike Voigt for discovering these actually existing odd scents: Shrek 2 Donkey Perfume, Chevrolet Cologne and Andy Warhol Perfume.

Anyway, cast your vote for the winner by clicking here.
Voting ends at 5 p.m. Thursday, May 29. On Monday, June 2, we’ll announce the winner of the entirely odorless MinnPost T-shirt — and a new contest.

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