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What’s that peculiar scent? A second chance!

Ordinarily this would be the week, in the inexorable, changeless changing of the Verse or Worse cycle, in which your genial host presents the five best entries in the previous week’s competition and asks you, the vast Verse or Worse public, to vote for the one that wins the indescribably sensible Verse or Worse T-shirt.
But something — perhaps the inexorable but pretty late changing of the seasons, bringing with it Nature’s suggestion that it’s time to put the snow shovel in the garage and start cavorting among the dandelions — held the number of entries down.
Way down.

Maybe the problem wasn’t the weather but your genial host’s somewhat advertent and probably unfortunate decision to take the challenge of coming up with something witty about unlikely brand fragrances (inspired by his discovery of scents from Adidas), and adding to it an insistence that the entry be in the form of a limerick.
In any case, your genial host finds himself almost entryless. His solution is to remove the limerick condition altogether, and to clarify what’s left: Just give us the name or generic description of a fragrance from a source as unlikely as sneaker-maker Adidas. Like, say, “Evening in Menthol” from Vapo-Rub or Exxon-Mobil’s “Mysteries of Pump A” or Roto Rooter toilet water.

And in case it was the weather, take an extra week. You should be sufficiently blasé about balmy breezes by then that you’ll be ready to turn your attention once more to your desperate need to win a somewhat lovely MinnPost T-shirt.

E-mail no more than three (but please more than zero) entries to asicherman [at] minnpost [dot] com by 5 p.m. on Thursday, May 22.
At 5:01, your genial host will carry the no-doubt thousands of entries into the imposing MinnPost sauna, where he will sweat the pile down to five.
Because of the Memorial Day holiday, he will post the five best entries on Tuesday, May 27. You will have until Thursday afternoon, May 29, to vote for your favorite, which will win an absolutely scent-free MinnPost T-shirt.

The name of the winner will be posted on Monday, June 2, along with a new challenge.

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