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Judge the jesting Jesse justifications

The current Verse or Worse contest was something of a change of pace, and it seemed to bring out more entries than usual from both Verse Or Worse aficionados and first-time contributors. Your genial host isn’t sure what to make of that: Perhaps he should inquire about implanting a permanent change-of-pacemaker.

The challenge was to skip entirely past Jesse Ventura’s possible run for the U.S. Senate and come up with one or more reasons he should run for president. In issuing that challenge, your genial host didn’t let a single word intervene before he added this: “Your genial host here underlines that he is searching for amusement, not serious politics nor flaming partisanship.” Thus it should be no surprise that the entries your genial host has selected as the best five are (at least somewhat) amusing. Your genial host hopes that future president Ventura doesn’t take that personally.

All that said, your task is to vote for what you think is the best reason Jesse Ventura should run for president. (Vote down where it says “here.”) The winner gets a chiefly executive MinnPost T-shirt.

The nominees:

The addition of a third color to the election map will create confusion among voters not seen since the “Florida Hanging Chad” debacle of 2000.
-Mike Voigt

His remark about being reborn as a “38 double-D bra” would make the rounds again.
-Mick Garry

Jesse Ventura should run for president because … because … You know – there is no good reason Jesse should run for president.
-J.P. Laflin

It may encourage other people from the entertainment industry to overcome their modesty and self-restraint, and get involved in politics.
-Ervin Stembol

Why should Jesse Ventura run for president? One word: Jet Skis.
-Tom Ruud

Cast your vote for the winner by clicking here. Voting ends at 5 p.m. Thursday, June 26. On Monday, June 30, we’ll announce winner of the MinnPost T-shirt eminently suitable for wearing to a third party – and a new contest.

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