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Pick the petal-pinching prizewinner

Your genial host was pleased to see that Verse or Worseifiers didn’t find especially distasteful the challenge he issued last week: to write an amusing headline for the story about people stealing flowers from graves — and sometimes putting them on other graves.

Or maybe Verse or Worseifiers just found that challenge no more distasteful than usual.

In any case, they piled in with what seemed to your genial host to be enthusiasm (as opposed to ghoulishness), but he wasn’t exactly buried in entries. (If he was Tomb Swift, he would have said that last part gravely.)

Faced with the challenge of choosing the best five (and switching to the floral theme), your genial host rose to it. (Your genial host thinks he’s hotter than a pistil.) 

Anyway, here are what he decided were the five best entries. Your task is to vote for one (vote down where it says “here”). The winner gets a MinnPost T-shirt perhaps best described as both non-floral and unearthly.

Graveyard Theft: “They Took Our Mums!”
— Andrew Browne

Umm … Momma, Ignore the “We Miss You Grandpa” Tag
— Mike Voigt

Grave Concern Over Bloomburgling; Victims Mum
—Ervin Stembol

Posies Poached from Pop’s Grave
—Debbie Irestone

This Bud’s Not For You / Graveyard Ghouls Grab Glads
—Michael Norman

(Norman submitted that as two entries; your genial host thought the second one worked as a deck or sub-headline to the first.)

Anyway, cast your vote for the winner by clicking here.
Voting ends at 5 p.m. Thursday, June 12. On Monday, June 16, we’ll announce the winner of the entirely odorless MinnPost T-shirt — and a new contest.

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