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Verse or Worse

Verse or Worse is written by Al Sicherman, a long time food writer and humor columnist. He has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology and much work toward an MA in journalism from the University of Minnesota. (He didn’t finish his thesis. You wouldn’t have either.)

A floral tribute, and a Ventura venture

The Verse or Worse electorate, back from contemplating sneaker cologne a few weeks ago, moved quickly to decide which of the entries in the competition for a headline about stolen cemetery flowers took the roses, so to speak. Read more…

Pick the petal-pinching prizewinner

Your genial host was pleased to see that Verse or Worseifiers didn’t find especially distasteful the challenge he issued last week: to write an amusing headline for the story about people stealing flowers from graves — and sometimes putting them on

Select the scent of success

Last week your genial host was embarrassed by the lack of an embarrassment of entries in that week’s competition (imagining fragrances from sources as unlikely as the one that first stunned him — sneaker-maker Adidas).

What’s that peculiar scent? A second chance!

Ordinarily this would be the week, in the inexorable, changeless changing of the Verse or Worse cycle, in which your genial host presents the five best entries in the previous week’s competition and asks you, the vast Verse or Worse public, to vote

A Swifty victor and a stinky challenge

Verse or Worse readers who love (or hate) Tom Swifties lined up to vote Cathleen Cotter’s entry the best of the five presented — not that there was anything wrong with the others, your genial host announced forthrightly. Read more…

Tap the tiptop terrible-toggery title

The current Verse or Worse competition, a call to suggest names for the furnishers of the appalling apparel favored on weekends by men of a certain age, produced what your genial host feels was an even nicer collection of possibilities than usual.

Click for the cream of the car/nations

As usual, entries in the current Verse or Worse competition varied considerably in form. Each was to be a make of car manufactured in and named for a country, with an amusingly descriptive model name. Read more… By Al Sicherman 

Select the superlative singer/song situation

As almost always, your genial host yet again had difficulty singling out five entries to set before the vast MinnPost community for the selection of the one shining example that will receive the particularly resplendent MinnPost T-shirt.