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Verse or Worse

Winning ‘celebrity verb’ stops ’em dead

This week’s challenge involves Minnesota’s enchantingly lovable character, Garrison Keillor.
Last month, Keillor and his wife filed an enchantingly lovable lawsuit to stop their next-door neighbor in St.

Vote for the veriest verb

Your genial Verse or Worse host had not thought about whether it should be constitutional to submit more than one entry for a given contest.

The bus has left; here’s the snow-shoveling winner

The bus has left; here’s the snow-shoveling winner

Unlike the outcomes in Iowa and New Hampshire, if you win the MinnPost Verse or Worse competition, you have something that’s as good a week or two later as it was when you got it: A surprisingly m

One cop, one shovel, no donuts

The past few weeks are traditionally really busy ones for retailers (if you count accepting returned sweaters as being busy), but that isn’t so in the news biz, nor even in the vaguely news-related contest biz.

Here’s hoping… for antioxidant-rich foodstuff

Given the great wisdom that (along with ear hair) age has brought me, I have learned to hope for little and to expect even less. And even then I am usually disappointed.

Poultry in Motion: Pluck the chicken-fat prize-winner from these five

I was really worried going into the final hours of the Verse or Worse competition involving writing a headline about a highway covered with chicken fat, when it seemed to me that, under all the old mail in my spiffy MinnPost email inbox, there wer

Done Roveing

In their great collective wisdom, Verse or Worse readers have made
their decision.

Digiti populi

The people have e-mailed: The unspeakably wonderful MinnPost T-shirt, for the best limerick about the Finnish musicians’ trouble at the airport, goes to Jill Field.

Here’s the winning entry again, in all its immigration-related splendor:

Five Finn-flareup finalists: Vote for the verse victor

For a while there it looked as if the first Verse or Worse challenge was either too hard or too easy for MinnPost’s witerati: On Day One we got only two entries.

But eventually the possibility of winning an inestimably valuable MinnPost T-shirt fo

Starting at the Finnish

To keep your fingers limber as another Minnesota winter approaches, MinnPost will hold a writing competition of sorts every two weeks.