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DFLers Bonoff, Madia raise sizable sums in 3rd District race

Two DFL candidates in the 3rd Congressional District, Ashwin Madia and Terri Bonoff, announced today that their campaigns have raised impressive amounts in the fourth quarter of 2007.
Bonoff raised $213,000 and Madia raised $161,000, figures that c

Spin patrol: Pundits were wrong, but didn’t say it

Watching the analysis of Tuesday’s stunner on the Dem side of the New Hampshire primary, what I most wanted was to hear one of the bigfoot pundits say: “We were all wrong. We didn’t see this coming. The polls misled us.

Spin patrol: The best and worst on Iowa results

Just watched several hours of CNN coverage of the Iowa results. I know I’m supposed to hate it all, but mostly pretty decent, methinks. I was looking for spin, from the candidates and their spokesters, plus the best and worst of the analysis.