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Here we go again: My experiences covering Michele Bachmann’s statements

If the past is any indication of what’s to come, by the time Michele Bachmann’s current controversy runs its course, she will have dug her hole much deeper.  I speak with authority because I was in the middle of it the last time Bachmann put her foo

Why Norm Coleman won’t say the war was a mistake

By Eric Black | Monday, Oct. 20, 2008
Does Norm Coleman think the Iraq war was a mistake? He won’t say so directly, but he almost concedes the point by the way he justifies not saying it was a mistake.

‘Fritz’ celebrates the greatest living Minnesotan

A documentary titled “Fritz: The Walter Mondale Story” (see if you can guess what it’s about) had its world premiere last night at the Minnesota History Center. Mondale was feted and spoke before and after the film and was celebrated during it.

Presidential debate: The answer you didn’t hear

By Eric Black
Thursday, Oct. 16, 2008
Instead of dwelling on my reaction to the debate last night I decided to write the answer that I wish either of the candidates, or preferably both, had given when asked about negative campaigning.

Ashwin Madia on green energy issues

Ashwin Madia, the Dem nominee for the open congressional seat in the suburban 3rd Congressional District, gave a presentation on the green energy issue Monday at the Humphrey Institute.