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Rasmussen poll shows Coleman and Franken in dead heat

The first public poll on Minnesota’s U.S. Senate race since the DFL convention, and the first one to test the possible entrance of Jesse Ventura into the race, is up on the website of Rasmussen Reports, which conducted the poll.

Emotions and the Obama-Clinton contest

Because of some of the reading and other research I’m doing lately, I’ve been trying to understand politics as less of a rational, more of an emotional/psychological thing.

What’s in Nobles’ report — and what’s not

Legislative Auditor James Nobles concluded a preliminary investigation into allegations of impropriety in the Minnesota attorney general’s office and, in a letter released this morning to the Legislative Audit Commission, did not a find a basis for

Delegate math: the latest numbers

Delegate math continues to be Hillary Rodham Clinton’s nemesis. And what was once her strength — the superdelegate count — is now her weakness. Clinton is universally expected to win big in West Virginia today.

The superdelegate dam is breaking

So far this week, Barack Obama has been endorsed by 13 previously uncommitted superdelegates and picked up two switchers who had previously endorsed Hillary Rodham Clinton.